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Mmmm... crawfish etouffe...

... with a whole crawfish on top. The little bugger stared at me with its stalky eyes and was brilliant red. So I pulled its tail off, sucked out the head and pinched the tail to pull all the tail meat out and yum. I know... staring ones food in the eye is a good experience every once in a while, reminds me to be thankful for all the plants, animals and fetal plants that die to let me live. Mmm... corn bread with sweet corn kernels and a good, fluffy mound of white rice to go with the spicy sauce.

Got to see my new boss for the second time today, and talked with her extensively. It's good. She's definitely not as pushy as my old boss. It'll be nice to relax along that front, now. She's definitely not a guiding light, either, which may prove mildly more problematic if I make it so, but I think it might help me spread my wings a bit further with this project management stuff. I can lead a bit instead of always supporting the lead dog. She was cool, today, and went out with everyone for lunch at Lucille's which has all the Cajun and Creole food, and paid the bill for everyone's lunch.

Jet's doing great. He's using, "Owie." for just about everything.

I'm going swimming tonight, again, though I'm still sore from putting a floor in last Sunday, with John, for an extra room for the Goodell's. We may well help with the walls this coming weekend. The physical exertion, surprisingly, made the Usual Suspect Muscles knot a lot less. My massage therapist commented that while I was sore all over from the flooring, that the muscles that usually bother me seemed to be in much better shape. Hoorah for a bit of resistance exercise. Makes me want to rethink helping out with Habitat for Humanity, if a little construction is good for me, having it frequently might be even better.

I'm tired, though. The smoke from the fires has been affecting me pretty constantly, just bringing my asthma back to a low-grade effort after many, many years without any signs of it at all. The Hepa air filter helps, but closing a room off means leaving it hot after the day, which sucks. I may just open the bedroom up to the night air and just before going to sleep, close it off, filter it and then go to sleep or something.

The house is much more yellow now. Pretty.

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