I Might Have Broken Something...

On the 14th of February it was pretty obvious I had an eye infection of some sort in my right eye, but I'd had a bunch of those in the past, and on the 15th John was going to Fort Collins to do a talk about the flood recovery work he was doing, so Jet and I went with him as support and as witness. It was important and a good thing, but that afternoon, my eye started really hurting, so we went to the Urgent Care clinic before it was going to close and I got antibiotics for what was a bacterial infection in that eye.

The week was crazy. I had Cabinet Wednesday night and I rolled out a plan involving a new task force to help us with all the changes that are coming this summer and fall, and it involved me making up the plan, getting myself together for the meeting, and the meeting went just great. Then I stayed after with two people who were concerned about other things until nearly midnight in the chapel. I then had to get messages out to the congregation by Thursday and mailings figured out the following Tuesday and...

Saturday was the memorial service. We had to have a dessert for that, so I made a Dutch Apple cake that my mom used to make when I was a kid, it was an old Midwest recipe she'd gotten from university friends when she was there for graduate school, so it has a lot of old memories for me.

Saturday at 8 am was Jet's Solo and Ensemble performance, all the bands break up into small ensemble groups that perform at a local school under the watchful eye of a professional musician and he gives them advise on how to get better. It was pretty amazing listening to two trombones and two xylophones go at a Baroque piece at speed. For only playing for a bit more than two years, Jet's gotten amazingly good with his instrument. Jet and I went back to sleep after that, and then he made me breakfast, and then he went to a friend of his while we went to the service and the luncheon. That was good.

When we all got home after that, the snow started to blow, and so we decided to just clean the whole house, top to bottom, as it had been a while since we'd been able to do that. We used to have cleaners that came every two weeks, but they retired, so we're now doing it ourselves. It's paid off in that Jet now knows how to do all those tasks, when before he'd have had no clue. Still, by the time we were done, it was time for me to start the roast chicken for dinner, and after dinner, we had to make snacks for the next day, so I made a sticky rice cake with a red bean filling. Yum.

Sunday was a little crazy with the snow, but we did all right, and the announcement about the task force was well received, and the cake even better received, especially by the kids that just devoured a lot of it. *laughs* That afternoon was mostly a quiet evening with the snow, but I stayed up a little later than I should have, writing about the service and doing Minecraft on my own after having built some things with Jet using the BigDig mods. I was very grateful that it was my last day on the antibiotic ointment in my eye, as it had been blurring my vision in my right eye tremendously.

This morning when I woke up, I thought at first something was still wrong with my right eye. I wasn't really able to focus with it very well. And then I tried to get up and the whole world felt like it was tilting. When I tried to walk to the bathroom, the whole world swayed, and I had to put my hands on the walls to keep my balance. Vertigo. I remembered my sister's descriptions of it, and she's lived with it for years, and now I understand exactly what she was describing. I was determined to see Jet off to school, though, so I brushed my teeth, put myself together, and just ignored the dizziness.

I went downstairs, asked John to make a me a little breakfast, and ate it thinking it could only do me good to be sustained. Then, when I stood up and walked to the front door to see Jet off, the motion and dizziness and nausea all caught up to me, and I closed my eyes, ran for the bathroom, and threw up thoroughly.

Jet went off to school, still worried about me while I was at that, John took care of him, no problems.

I have now spent most of the rest of the day in bed, and did a little research, and it seems that an inflammation of the inner ear, or a viral infection, common after a sinus infection, or other infection in the connected channels can cause it. It's only a cause for concern after 3 days. I sincerely hope this doesn't go that long, it's awfully disconcerting when I can't even make it downstairs in my own house. I've found a very comfortable place in my bed, with my head supported so that I don't have to tilt or turn it much, and the laptop keeps me connected, still. I was feeling pretty damned isolated for the morning, but I got a few things done and can watch a little Crunchyroll.

Maybe it's my body's way of saying Rest NOW. I think I'd best listen...
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You might want to email your doctor, just to see if they want you to come in?
That's an excellent question, really. But a friend of John's said that she got hit by the same thing, and after 18 hours of sleep, she felt much better. It seems that there are a couple of cases of this going around in the locale.

Still, if I'm not better in the morning, I'll do exactly that. Thank you!!
The vertigo I get can be helped by the Epley maneuver, but your kind sounds like a co-worker's, that yields only to rest and sleep for a day. Second a phone call to the doctor though.
Okay, that sounds familiar, and hopeful.

I've been so tired today that I've been sleeping on and off and am still tired enough to go to sleep tonight, which is encouraging as I think it means that my body is fighting something off, not that my body's changed to be this way for a longer term thing.

I'll call them in the morning if this hasn't gone away.
Much sympathy - and like everyone else, I would recommend checking with the doctor.

(Though knowing you, "Rest NOW" may be a necessary message...)
*laughs* Yes.

I think that it's really the thing, and given that my body's been quite happy to sleep all day... and still is eager for sleep tonight, it may well be the thing.

I shall listen to the concerns. Definitely if it's not gone by morning, I'll call the doctor.
Yes, don't futz around with eye infections when they get to be more than a little pink! And take care of yourself!
Yes! It was going green and yellow by the time I got to the doctor (sigh), but they took care of it; but I had fuzzy vision for a week due to the ointment.

thank you! I shall endeavor to do better at it from here on out.
Spouse once had the eye-infection spreading to the skin out around the eye, and had to cancel a business trip -- probably because they were worried it might hit the brain and he'd need to be hospitalized.

*hugs* Self-care is important! Secure your oxygen mask first before assisting others!

Ouch about the spouse! ouch....

And, that's excellent advice. Thank you!
Sounds a lot like when I got labyrinthitis. I was treated with Stemetil (prochlorperazine) to get rid of it. Hoping to hear soon that it has passed on its own, or that you've gone in to see the doctor. *hugs* from here.
Reading up on that, that sounds exactly like it. And it's better this morning, but not gone gone. When the husband is home we'll strategize. But it's significantly better this morning. I'm actually able to get into different floors of the house, but am still sleeping off my last three years' worth of sleep debt, I think. *grins wryly* At least the dreams have been good.
As I've said before, merely reading the schedule you keep makes me tired and want to rest - and regardless of the mechanical cause of the vertigo (which I agree, especially if it continues, see an MD somehow) I thing slowing down and going a little easier on yourself for a bit might be in order - if nothing else, you've had the death of a close friend, an infection, and a very busy...several weeks? - so it truly may be a sign of your body being a bit over-taxed and needing a slower pace for a while. Besides, it's going to be time for the first outdoor Spring plantings and preps in a few weeks, and if I know you, you'll be wanting to be at top form for that!

I took a spill (tripped over a dead-fallen, barnacle-covered tree) on a trip to a state park on the James in October. Besides scraping up my leg on the barnacles and wounding my pride a bit, I found out later that I'd wrenched my neck when I faceplanted in the sand - I started getting a very odd vertigo that only hits me when I'm horizontal, usually at night. It's a little better now - I figured out that one of my meds aggravated it & shifted it to take it earlier in the day. But I still have nights where every little move in bed gives me that lurching feeling - it can be rather disconcerting, even when you know the cause. I hope yours resolves quickly & you're feeling much better soon! *hugs*
*hugs* I hope yours can be resolved!!

I am feeling better. Still dizzy here and there, but graduated to actually being able to shamble about the kitchen for my tea, instead of being completely bed and couch-ridden. I pushed it a little to get to Jet's bus stop today, and was grateful for a wall to lean against as the snow came down in big fat white flakes.

I wish I could slow down completely, but the moderator thing seems to have surprise demands when I least expect it from quarters where I have absolutely no control over what happens or how it happens from people that I sometimes think should know better. It's why I'm not getting another bee colony until after this year.

And I do want to get my tomato seeds planted next week... wow.
It's hard to imagine you going a year without a hive full of "your girls", but it sounds like a wise decision - I remember you had a lot of trouble towards the end of last year's run & were debating your next step. A year off sounds like a good plan.

I'm glad you're feeling a little better. Mine still comes & goes for no apparent reason - but at least it's mostly at night where all it does is make my already lousy sleep a bit worse. I think since it's apparently tied in with the stenosis in my neck (which is also causing me balance & gait issues, probably part of why I keep having these falls) I'll be stuck with the weird vertigo-ish thing until they finally decide to fix my neck, which as of now they remain on the fence about. Honestly, I hate surgery as much as the next person - I've already been through 2 neck fusions - but if one more would fix all the issues this current disk is causing (including a pretty much constant headache) I'd just as soon get the surgery & have done with it! I've got enough things that can't be fixed - lets go ahead & fix what we can! *headdesk* *ouch!*

Take good care of yourself- like someone else said, oxygen mask on yourself first, or you're no use in saving anyone else! (Wish I'd known that about 40 years ago!!)