I Promised to Call...

... and John did it for me, this morning.

The receptionist listened to John list the symptoms and said that my doctor is out on vacation all week, and the other two partners in the area were booked solid, so she said that if I really wanted to see a doctor that it would have to be urgent care because that was all that was available. John and I both agreed that it didn't sound like she felt like I had to see a doctor right away.

And I am getting better. I was actually able to putter around the kitchen this morning to make my own breakfast, and I am actually able to sit at my computer, which, on Monday, seemed a complete impossibility. I had less than 500 steps on Monday, and yesterday I managed 1800. Today I'm already at 1100 by 10:30 am, so it's a pretty clear improvement. I am, however, still dizzy enough that I decided to cancel both my 911 volunteer stint and going on a retreat this coming weekend, so that if I did recover by then that I wouldn't be trying to shoehorn Yet Another Thing in on top of my rawly recovered self.

It's going to rather inconvenience some people, but I think it's going to be necessary for me. It's what I've been doing all along for the last six months, just doing Yet Another Thing the moment I felt not so horrible from the last cold/infection/etc. So... I'll try something new and not push for one more thing.

One fun thing is that the fee for the retreat that I was going to go to is non-refundable, so it's lost money to me anyway, and it was nice to call up someone I knew wanted to go and ask her if she'd go in my place. It doesn't cost me anything more than I'd already paid for what I was going to do, but it'll be a nice thing for her. Which is really cool.

I am also really really grateful, now, for the moments when I'm not dizzy, especially when I'm happily buried in my nest of blankets on the couch in my library. *laughs* It's a funny thing to realize, but after the last few months, I'm grateful for clear eyesight even if it's not 20/20, I'm grateful for lungs that can breathe, I'm grateful for a nose/sinuses that aren't running all the time, I'm grateful for a happy and even digestive system, and I'm really grateful for my friends and loved ones in all ways. Especially grateful for Isabel, who called me, and Jennifer who checked up on me in email.

One really interesting thing for me was realizing that my body has a different sense of balance than my head... if that makes any sense. But it was after doing years of taichi that I realized that my legs, back, hips, and arms, have their own sense of when I'm balanced that has nothing or very little to do with the reflexive balance that happens through my ear channel. When I really concentrate and am deeply aware of what my legs and body are feeling, how they are connected to or even rooted with the ground, then I feel completely free of dizziness. I can move easily when I'm in that connection, but it takes concentration for me to do so. So I know that if I have to move, even with this thing, I can.
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Actually resting to completely recover from what's going on is the best idea. You do no favours to yourself from leaping at stuff before whatever it was has barely cleared your system and you set yourself up for a relapse (or for something else to smack you around since you're not at 100%).
Yes. I think, though, that it wasn't brought home to me quite so thoroughly before this time. I'd just barely cleared the eye infection when the flood of Stuff happened, and I went in at it again... so... perhaps... this time I'll learn. And it would take something that slaps me into my bed for a whole day and renders me pretty much immobile for it to actually take... *laughs*
I can't claim any innocence with that sort of thing either. I tend to push myself to do stuff and stop when my body gives out, which really isn't a smart way of doing things *hangs head*. I try and remember not to do stuff like that but I seem afflicted with It's-Only-A-Little-Task-It'll-Be-Fine Syndrome *sighs*. That one little things frequently turns into many little things which end up being a whole lot of stuff. Sound familiar?
Very very familiar. *grins* Happy to have company in this, too. But... yeah... it's good advice, and I know it. Now I just have to take it. Thanks!!
It does sound like you're being very sensible with it. When I was hit by the labyrinthitis, I kept trying to do everything I had been doing before, since after all the room only started spinning when I changed position, and would eventually stop, so ....

So in my case it hit the point where Robert found me lying on the floor, hanging on for dear life because it felt like I was going to fall off. He picked up the phone and informed me that unless I got up and took the phone from him, he was calling an ambulance. *wry smile* So at least I found out what was going on, and the Stemetil did a good job of treating the room-spinning symptoms.

So if you're coping with the symptoms, and giving your body a chance to recover, I think you're doing the right things. Wishing you a good recovery!
You have a wise husband.

Thank you so much! I feel so lazy... *laughs quietly* But... yeah, I don't think this was something I could ignore... as it really did feel like I was going to fall off the world for a while. whew... now that I know what it actually feels like... it's a good incentive to try and take care of myself.