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I Am Grateful

Amazingly grateful for being able to walk around the neighborhood in the sunshine today, with Jet. I'm happy that I can cook again, that I can wander around the house again, that I can actually drive to church and do everything that I needed to do there. I'm amazingly grateful for just the simple act of being able to put my hair in a ponytail and not be dizzy from the unconscious head toss that I do when I do it. *laughs*

It's pretty amazing the number of things I have back.

The biggest was that I was able to let John go off on a trip to Cleveland on Wednesday through to today. I tested being able to drive on Tuesday morning, and was so exhausted at the end of the meeting I had then that I had to lie down on one of the couches at church for a conversation with someone else. After that I was good enough to get home. Luckily, it got better after that...

It seems to have been the viral inflammation of the ear channel, as it pretty much has behaved as a viral infection would, going away pretty significantly after the first three days and fading off after that. Today I managed breakfast, church with Jet, a special meeting with two different people, greeting someone who hadn't been around for a while, and a couple of interesting conversations that have ramifications for the situation at church, and best of all the first session of Painting the Stars: Science, Religion, and an Evolving Faith. Julie Nosek is teaching it and she's a theologian and scholar that I've always enjoyed.

I was running entirely out of gas by the time we got home from all that, and I managed to stir fry a pot of pork fried rice. Earlier in the week, I did the Momofuku-style roasted pork for ramen, and Jet and I had slices on our ramen on Thursday night, but we had plenty left to make a really substantial fried rice with chopped pork, scallions, chopped fresh spinach, coleslaw mix (without the dressing of course), an egg, and plenty of brown jasmine rice. It smelled so good when I was cooking it, that I suddenly realized I was probably a little faint with hunger! Oops.

We ate watching One Piece, and I felt so much better after eating! I need to watch that a bit with all the fatigue, I think.

We played BigDig Minecraft together after that. There's like two different nuclear power plants in that one, magical seeds that can grow minerals (including diamonds if you're very lucky in your mining) and magical items, multiple types of bees and bee breeding, chocobos that can be ridden very easily, and a plethora of ores in both the Overworld and the Netherworld. It's amazingly fun, but it's so big it bogs down our machines now and again.

And a week ago, I was feeling faintly nauseous when I played Minecraft, and today I felt just fine. I realized that when I first started playing with Jet that I had the nauseous reaction pretty quickly. That I could only play for 20 minutes at a time, back then, but now I can go hours without it affecting me. Maybe my brain and body have figured out something. tagryn gave me this very cool article about the probable causation of why the body evolved the eye-body nausea reaction. So I was very happy that I felt entirely fine today.

John came home at 3, and I decided to nap and then make dinner. The nap was necessary, truly so, and I'm still trying to listen to my body a bit more to know when I'm tired and to actually do something about it. Mid-day naps have been a habit since the start of this, and I may just keep it up.

Dinner was the Japaneses curry from scratch and it took rather longer than I'd hoped as Jet had ensemble at 6, but by the time he got home at 7:15, it was good and ready and the three of us dove into it quite happily. The extra hour's cooking time rendered the chicken thigh meat divinely tender, and I am so happy with my ghost chili curry blend that I've just been using it constantly ever since. It's hotter than traditional Japanese curry, but we love it.

The evening has been good and quiet and it's really amazingly nice to have John take up his portion of the house duties again. It's just so nice to not have to do ALL the dishes and all the cooking and all the things that Jet needs. John ran Jet to and from the ensemble practice, and it was all good. The best thing is that Jet has had a cold for nearly a week and a half now, and I'm not showing any signs of catching it. *knocks on wood*

*happy sighs* I'm very happy to have my life back, and I'm being a bit more careful, now, about getting to sleep at a reasonable time.
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