Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Two Days of Rain...

There was a time I would have laughed if someone said I might be anxious after just two days of rain. After the floods, though, it's kind of interesting to go around Longmont after two days of pretty heavy rain.

I was at the 911 center today, doing my thing. Legal procedures have changed here, and a lot more lawyers are required to get transcripts earlier on in the process than before. So I get a mountain of work every time I go in. Every week is different.

This week was different because it was kind of your 911 dispatchers' appreciation week! So they were getting piles of food from all the people that they worked with! Pizzas and Chipotle boxes were in the fridge. Bagels and donuts and donut holes lined the counters. And right at lunch time, another department delivered seven enormous calzones. The amusing thing was that three of the ladies on duty were dieting, or at least trying to follow a new fitbit regimen. They mostly decided that it was just going to have to wait one week.

So I got a free lunch. Which was very nice given how much work I had to do to get it. *laughs* I think the hardest thing about having to do so many reports is actually listening to so many incidents. I can handle it, but it's harder.

And it was raining, and had been all yesterday. So amid the calls, the laughter, the stress reduction, there were a few murmurs of "It's PTSD... we're all just a little anxious..." And there were more calls today, more people irritated and snapping at each other. There just seem to be more calls when the weather is bad or the moon is full, and there were a few calls when those out on a call had to get inside due to the weather, which was very unusual for them.

I did formally thank all the dispatchers for all that they do when I left. They laughed, and thanked me for what I was doing for them, which was nice, too. But as I left in the middle of the afternoon, the sun broke out from the clouds. And I walked with my face turned up to the lingering drizzles. I miss really enjoying the rain...

I've had a kind of a tough week, but good. Very intense in some of them, but people were engaged, no matter if they disagreed, they cared, and that's what's important. John says that fighting entropy always takes energy. He's right. It was a very intense and long meeting Wednesday, and then most of Thursday was spent with people who were still processing. I'm still working through some of it, and that's good.

There's a huge Congregational meeting on the 26th, and we may make some interesting progress there and then.

Jet and I are playing a mod pack called Regrowth, which has a bunch of quests and a very very different kind of Minecrafting world, where there are no ores. None. No mining, really, and most of the resources come from growing things on a world that's nothing but dead trees and dried grass, murky water, and cracked sand. You have to dig simply to find earth anything can grow in... and you're job is to rebuild and regrow the world.

It's amazing. And it really makes me respect the mod pack maker (who also wrote all the quests and instructions on how to use all the items and build up to the point where you can regrow the world), and his knowledge of all the mods. It's also making me itch to truly Create a mod and/or a pack of our own. It's amazing stuff, and I even bought a book on how to write mods and set up and use the whole software development system that one has to have to write and test Minecraft mods. That will be a fun way to teach Jet programming over the summer.

TF2 is still my go-to games for blowing off steam. It's still a blast for me when I play and find myself playing well and on a team that knows what they're going. It's always fun.

But my real source of comfort has been my knitting. I found Miss Babs Hand Dyed Yarn and Fibers through a pattern named Brickless, and it called for Miss Babs' Yowza! Whatta Skein yarn. And I saw the colorway "Soul Food" and just bought it right then and there. It feels and looks just as advertised and named, and it's been a comfort to me through the rather simple auspises of the really simple shawl pattern, too. I love knitting it. The hand is delightful, the colors change constantly, and the colorway is just satisfying in a way I can't describe.

So, yeah, I'm finding solace, and it's also productive. Yay!

I will put up pictures when I have them. *grins*
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